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As well as our general courses and resources, the Graduate School provides a range of bespoke provision for particular cohorts of students e.g. block booking a course for an entire MRes/MSc programme or specific group of Doctoral students. We are also able to deliver customised versions of existing short courses. 

Examples of some of the bespoke courses the Graduate School have run are as follows,

  • Communicating 1: Public Engagement for research students in the Department of Computing
  • Writing for Success 4: Publication (BEPS) - a tailored session for the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering (1st year research students)
  • Mastering Presentations 2: Informational Posters - a tailored session for the MSc in Human Molecular Genetics
  • Writing for Masters 3: Dissertation and Thesis - a tailored session for the MSc in Metals & Energy Finance

Different Types of Dedicated Provision

Block Booking

Course organisers and administrators are able to reserve a certain number of places on many of the courses from the existing timetabled, Professional Skills and MasterClass programme. Booking for these courses will be open to all, but a certain number of places will be reserved for your students. Block booked sessions may be arranged throughout the year (please see further details below).

*Please note that you may need to make alternative arrangements if class size prohibits block booking.

Closed Session

Course organisers and administrators are able to arrange for a specific course from the existing programme of Professional Skills courses for Doctoral or Taught course students, to be run for a specific cohort; the session will only be advertised to that group of students and nobody else will be able to book or attend.
*Please note that these sessions usually take place within your department.

Tailored Session

Course organisers and administrators can arrange a closed session for a specific cohort of students. Tailored sessions will either mean that the content of an existing course has been modified or these sessions could contain content which is completely new.

External Session

These courses are run for students who are not registered with Imperial College. Courses for external cohorts will be subject to a fee.

*A cost will be levied for any non-Imperial registered students

Departmental Inductions

Programme Organisers and administrators are able to book an induction session at the beginning of each new academic year. Inductions will usually take place within the first two weeks of term and will be subject to the availability of members of the Graduate School’s teaching team. Once arranged, a member of the Graduate School’s teaching team will come to your Department to give a brief, 30 minute overview of what the Graduate School has to offer and why it is important that your students engage with the programme.  

How to Request Dedicated Provision


Block Bookings, Closed, Tailored and External Sessions

In order to ensure that your requirements are met, it is imperative that the Postgraduate Development Unit (PDU) understands the objectives and the intended learning outcomes, as well as having some background about the cohort of students in question.

To book a dedicated session for a particular cohort, please click here and complete the short online form.
You will receive confirmation via email that the form has been received.


In order to book and induction session for your department, please click here and complete the online form.
You will receive confirmation via email that the form has been received.


To ensure that the booking of both dedicated provision and induction sessions is manageable for the administrative and teaching teams, the Graduate School have introduced deadlines for submission of requests for all dedicated sessions. Please note that dedicated provision slots (closed, external and tailored sessions), are available subject to availability and will be offered on a first come first served basis. You will be added to the list for the following term should you miss the deadline listed below.

*Please note that inductions will usually take place in the first two weeks of each new academic session.

At least 4 weeks’ notice must be given in order to schedule and plan any dedicated provisions. 

 Autumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
 2019 - 2020  20 September 2019  13 December 2019  27 March 2020
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*Please note that
the Graduate School’s programme of professional skills development courses will run between mid-October and the end of June each year.  No workshops will be delivered in July, August or September. The last week of September and the first two weeks of October will be reserved for induction activities only.