The College has a new process in which to formally recognise the valuable contribution that postdocs make towards the student supervisor partnership.  Postdocs are defined as researcher staff:

  • with a PhD or equivalent
  • who are employed to undertake research commonly on an externally funded contract 

Find out more about what a postdoc is.  

Subject to completion of mandatory training requirements, postdocs can be recognised as Assistant Supervisors.  The following documentation provides information on how to obtain formal recognition as an Assistant Supervisor:

To access the Assistant Supervisor mandatory online training:
Postdocs are able to Self-enrol onto the online course ‘Assistant Supervisor Online Course - Self-enrolment guidance‌’ [PDF]‌ or they can attend the face-to-face version of the course.

Departments can find out which staff have completed the mandatory training required for Assistant Supervisors through a real-time report.  To have access to this report, please contact Jorge Freire.