Guidance on the use of Turnitin for Research Degree Milestones

Doctoral (MPhil, PhD, MD[Res] and EngD) students who started on or after the 24 September 2019, are required to use Turnitin to assist academic staff with their check for potential plagiarism at the Early Stage Assessment (ESA).

Additionally, all students who are due to submit their theses from September 2021 onwards, are required to submit their thesis through Turnitin.

Crick students are also subject to the College’s requirement to submit their ESA and thesis through Turnitin and MyImperial, in the same way as all other Imperial students are.

Submission of the final Thesis to Turnitin will not be required in advance of being submitted to MyImperial, which is when the submission date will be recorded.   This is to ensure there is no added time pressure placed on doctoral students.