The Committee acts as a forum in which to share good practice across Research Centres and to provide oversight of and help to coordinate the additional training provided to students by these Centres. The value of establishing peer groups and cohorts has been identified by this committee and is now one of the College’s research degree precepts which departments are assessed against.

The Graduate School is also able to gather information from this committee to inform its own training programme and to ensure that students who do not belong to a CDT or DTP are given a comparable learning experience and support. Likewise, the Graduate School shares good practice and provides training support and advice for tutors on the design and delivery of CDT/DTP run professional development courses.

CDT/DTP Governance Committee

Terms of Reference

  • To provide support and share good practice across doctoral training programmes (DTPs) and centres for doctoral training (CDTs).
  • On an annual basis, to receive and ratify the membership and terms of reference of CDT and DTP industrial/external advisory boards.
  • To coordinate the programme of support for new CDT and DTP bids and renewal applications for existing programmes.  This includes:
     - the provision of College-level information to support applications
     - organisation of specific meetings to address queries on the submission process and applications
     - coordination of a critical review draft submissions – Directors will be invited to critically review one application each and to provide feedback
     - coordination of mock interviews
  • To consider feedback from mid-term and annual reviews
  • To support the CDT Festival of Science and receive an annual report on this from the Student Organising Committee.
  • To enhance the experience of postgraduate students on DTPs and CDTs.
  • To receive relevant papers and minutes from the Graduate School’s Postgraduate Professional Development Committee (PPDC) and the College’s Postgraduate Research Quality Committee (PRQC).
  • To report to the PRQC, the Graduate School’s Course Quality and Strategic Development Committee (CQSD), the Research Councils and funding bodies as appropriate.


Deputy Director of the Graduate School as Chair, Director and Deputy Director (Professional Skills) of the Graduate School, Vice Provost (Education) or nominee, Vice Provost (Research) or nominee, Chair of the Postgraduate Professional Development Committee (PPDC), Academic Registrar (or nominee), a representative from each DTP and CDT to be nominated by the Director of each, two student representatives, Head of Strategy and Operations at the Graduate School and Deputy Manager of the Graduate School as Secretary.

Representatives from DTPs and CDTs where Imperial is not the lead institution will also be invited to attend.




Deputy Director of the Graduate School (Chair) Professor Laki Buluwela
Director of the Graduate School Professor Yun Xu
Deputy Director of the Graduate School (Professional skills) Professor Peter Allison
Vice Provost (Education)  Professor Simone Buitendijk
Vice Provost (Research) Professor Nick Jennings
Chair, Postgraduate Professional Development Committee (PPDC): Professor Peter Allison
Academic Registrar Mr David Ashton
Student Representatives:  
ICU Deputy President (Education) Mr Ashley Brooks
President of the GSU Mr Mohit Devgan
Representative from the Research Office:  
Funding Strategy Manager Dr Suzanne Husein
Graduate School Representatives:  
Head of Strategy and Operations, Graduate School Mrs Laura Lane
Head of Postgraduate Professional Development Dr Janet De Wilde
Senior Teaching Fellow - Research Computing & Data Science Programme Lead Dr Katerina Michalickova
Manager of Graduate School Administration (secretary) Ms Bethan Ritchie
A representative from each of the College’s CDTs/DTPs or nominee:
Director, STREAM IDC Dr Mike Templeton
Director of CDT Nuclear Energy Professor Luc Vandeperre
Director, CDT in Non-Destructive Evaluation Professor Keith Newton
Director, CDT in Physcial Sciences Innovation in Chemical Biology for Bio-Industry and Healthcare Dr Oscar Ces 
Director, CDT in Theory & Simulation of Materials Dr Arash Mostofi
Director, CDT in Plastic Electronics Materials Professor Ji-Seon Kim
Director, CDT in Controlled Quantum Dynamics Professor Ben Sauer
Director, CDT in Mathematics of Planet Earth Professor Dan Crisan
Director, CDT in Fluid Dynamics Across Scales Professor Christos Vassilicos
Director, CDT in Neurotechnology for Life and Health Dr Simon Schultz
Director, CDT in High Performance Embedded and Distributed Systems Dr Wayne Luk
Director, CDT in Sustainable Civil Engineering Professor Chris Cheeseman
Director, CDT in Advanced Characterisation of Materials Professor Stephen Skinner
Director, CDT in BioDesign Engineering Dr Geoff Baldwin
Director, CDT in Next Generation Synthesis & Reaction Technology Professor Mimi Hii
Director, CDT in Modern Statistics and Statistical Machine Learning Professor Axel Gandy
Director of the CDT in Nuclear Energy Futures Dr Mark Wenman

Membership Continued

Wellcome Trust:  
Director, PhD Programme in the Molecular & Cellular Basis of Infection  Dr Brian Robertson
Wellcome Trust Glaxosmithkline Translational Medicine Training (TMT) Programme Dr Vincenzo Libri
Wellcome Trust CRF Programme Professor Jeremy Levy
Director, DTP in Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Professor Martin Buck
Director, DTP in Science and Solutions for a Changing Planet DTP Professor Martin Siegert
Director, CDT in Science for Humanitarian Emergencies & Resilience (SHEAR) Dr Wouter Buytaert
British Heart Foundation:  
Director of the BHF Centre of Research Excellence Professor Michael Schneider
Director, MRC DTP Professor Laki Buluwela
MRC Clinical Sciences Centre PhD Programme Dr Enrique Martinez-Perez
United Kingdom Research and Innovation (UKRI):  
Director, UKRI CDT Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare Dr Aldo Faisal
STRATiGRAD Programme:  
Porgramme Director Professor Gary Frost
Representatives from DTPs and CDTs where Imperial is not the lead institution:  
Interdisciplinary Social Science (LEISS) Dr Arnab Majumdar
Diamond Science and Technology CDT Professor Paul French
Future Power Networks and Smart Grids CDT Professor Tim Green
Medical Imaging CDT Professor Nicolas Long
Geometry and Number Theory at the Interface CDT Professor Alessio Corti
Mathematics of Random Systems CDT Professor Rama Cont
Oil and Gas CDT Professor Al Fraser
Future Innovation in Non-Destructive Evaluation (FIND) CDT Professor Nick Long
Multi-scale Aerosol and Droplet Science CDT Dr Marc Stettler
Prosthetics and Orthotics CDT Professor Anthony Bull
Safe and Trusted Artificial Intelligence (STAI) CDT Professor Alessio Lomuscio

2019/20 dates & deadlines

Date of committee meetingSubmission deadline

Wednesday 13 November 2019, 10.00 – 11.30, SALC 6

Wednesday 30 October 2019

Wednesday 05 February 2020, 10.00 – 11.30, SALC 6

Wednesday 22 January 2020

Wednesday 13 May 2020, 10.00-11.30, SALC 6 

Wednesday 29 April 2020
Submission queries can be sent to the Secretary, Bethan Ritchie -
CDT/DTP dates and submission deadlines