StudentShapers is a programme developed between Imperial College and Imperial College Union to support partnership between staff and students. It provides financial support to students to enable them to take part in educational development and educational research projects, in partnership with members of staff. The programme was set up in response to the College’s Learning & Teaching strategy, which states that it is committed to engagement of students in positive change and that students and staff should work in partnership.

The Graduate School’s Students as Partners initiative - engaging students as co-contributors to the Professional Skills programme - aligns perfectly with the StudentShapers programme as well as the College’s Learning & Teaching strategy and as such, the programmes will be closely affiliated.

Key areas of alignment are highlighted below for information,  

  • Support partnership between staff and students
  • Support projects in educational development and research
  • Provide financial support to students to facilitate their involvement
  • High impact, achieve high quality outcomes and adopt guiding principles of partnerships
    • Equally value the expertise of staff and students
    • Equal opportunity for all [doctoral] students
    • Staff and students will benefit
  • Curriculum development
  • Translation of research in to teaching projects

For further information about the StudentShapers programme, please visit the website or contact the StudentShapers team.