All doctoral students are expected to complete a number of our Professional Development courses as part of their doctoral degree registration.

The Graduate School's Professional Development attendance requirement exists in order to ensure that all students receive some professional development training while at Imperial and have the opportunity to engage with the programme, alongside their research work.  

Please note: Students who are direct entry MPhil, or those being awarded with an MPhil degree having first registered for a PhD, must complete one of the options for the Early Stage Assessment professional development requirements as doctoral students.  The Late Stage Review professional development requirement does not apply to MPhil students.

For students registered from or after 1st October 2016:

 The College requires all doctoral students to complete their minimum attendance requirement using one of the following options:

 Option One:

  • a minimum of 2 professional development workshops plus the online plagiarism awareness course by the Early Stage Assessment (ESA)
  • a further 2 Graduate School workshops or a Global Postgraduate Retreat or Global Fellows International Programme by the Late Stage Review (LSR)

 Option Two:

  • A Graduate School Global Postgraduate Retreat plus the online plagiarism awareness course by the ESA
  •  1 further Graduate School workshop or an additional Global Postgraduate Retreat or a Global Fellows International Programme by the LSR

 Option Three:

  • A Global Fellows International Programme plus the online plagiarism awareness course by their ESA

*The graduate school recognises that Panopto allows students greater access to course content, however we are encouraging students to connect with peers through the interactive provision offered via face-to-face and online courses (e.g. webinars, online course, and workshops); hence the credit decision.