This video created by the Graduate school and Dandylion films offers advice from Imperial academics on presenting. Topics covered include; presentation skills, dealing with nervousness, slide content and targeting the audience. This video also features two dramatisations “How not to present” and “A better way to present” by actor Pradeep Jay.

presentation skills


The first chapter asks Imperial academics “What was the Worst presentation you have given or seen?” and features two dramatisations: “How not to present” and “A better way to present” by Actor Pradeep Jay. These were designed to show how a presentation can be improved.

introduction with presentation dramatisation/


In the second chapter we ask academics “How would you increase your nervousness?” and “do you ever suffer from nervousness?” The chapter offers advice on reducing nerves and presenting yourself well, covering; preparation, practice and friends, practice advice, body language, confidence, eye contact and voice.

Nervousness%2C+verbal+and+non verbal+communication

Audience Perspectives

Imperial academics advise on; what your audience expects, know your slides, presentation structure: beginnings, maintaining momentum, conclusions and questions.


Visuals & Practice

In this chapter effective use of slide content is examined “surely a slide is just a slide?” and advice given on; colour schemes and colour blindness, animation and practice.




Different audiences

Different audiences looks at the demands of different audiences and offers advice on respecting your audience, identifying who is the audience and adapting your presentation for specialist and non-specialist audiences.


Further perspectives

In further perspectives we ask imperial academics; Why do you like giving presentations, which presentations inspired you and why presentations are important...or not?