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With our support you will have the opportunity to develop far beyond your degree.

You will receive training from the Graduate School to develop your study and research skills, preparing you for your future career.

While studying you will have the chance to work alongside subject experts and world-leading researchers.

Professional Skills Development Programme

This programme includes over 100 courses that focus on the skills you need to succeed on your chosen path.
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Study skills

Get support for achieving your goals with courses including:

  • Mastering dissertations
  • Mastering presentations
  • Research effectiveness
  • Research impact

Career skills

Develop the skills employers are looking for with courses including:

  • Industry and enterprise
  • Project management
  • Presenting
  • Job searching

Tailored Master's and Doctoral programmes

Graduate School programmes are tailored to your degree level. This allows you to develop skills to suit your goals.

Through online courses and academic or social events, you have the chance to broaden your knowledge, network and share your research across the College.

Master's student programme

Doctoral student programme

Extracurricular classes

Explore classes that let you discover new interests and gain new skills.

Courses cover areas such as languages, creative writing, music technology, film and opera.

Arts, humanities, languages and science

Enjoy a range of evening and weekend classes to widen your knowledge.

The classes are open to all and carry a fee but Imperial students get a discount.

Courses at the Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication

Music classes

Students interested in music have access to well-respected performers in the Blyth Music Centre for instrumental and vocal classes.

There is also a suite of practice rooms that you can book free of charge.

Arts workshops

The Blyth Gallery runs a diverse programme of practical fine art workshops taught by a variety of professional artists.

Each session is free and is taught in small groups. This maximises your opportunity for personal advice from the tutor.

Workshops are suitable for all abilities and are available to students and staff.