Ethos Sports Centre

We support your success across by helping you find and access a range of excellent services and promoting health and wellbeing across the College.

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Yoga class

Exercise and sport

Introduce exercise into your routine through a club or class. Move Imperial can help you achieve your goals and be active.

Our state-of-the-art facilities, scholarships and participation campaigns help support our active and inclusive community.

Being active can stay affordable with free off-peak access to the pool at the Ethos Sports Centre and good value gym membership.

Support staff

Money and budgeting

Our Financial Support team can answer your questions about financial support, like loans, scholarships and studentships. They also offer money management advice.

Student Financial Support team

If you experience financial difficulties or have an unexpected change in circumstances, you may be eligible for financial help. The Student Support Fund offers a one-off payment to cover emergencies and doesn't have to be repaid.

Student Support Fund

Child at Early Years Education Centre

Students with children

We provide 160 places for children aged six months to five years at the Early Years Education Centre on our South Kensington campus.

Part-time places are available. You may be able to access financial help towards the costs. Please note that a waiting list applies.

Early Years Education Centre

Support and advice regarding maternity leave are also available for all students.

Maternity leave

Staff talking

World faiths

The Chaplaincy Multi-Faith Centre includes a team of Chaplains and Faith Advisors of many faiths. The on-campus building has spaces for discussion, worship, meditation and activities.

Mindfulness meditation, one-to-one support and information on places of worship are offered.

Chaplaincy Multi-Faith Centre

We have many faith-based student societies in the Union, helping you meet like-minded students.

Student societies

Health and wellbeing

Staff talking

Doctors and dentists

Access NHS Health Centre on our South Kensington Campus, if you live within the catchment area. Elsewhere you should register with your local doctor (GP) but you can still access the Health Centre during the day.

The Dental Surgery is next to the Health Centre, offering NHS and private treatments.

If you need a visa for your studies you may need to pay an Immigration Health Surcharge in your visa application. This grants access to NHS care. If you are from the EEA or Switzerland, you should obtain a European Health Insurance Card.

Registering at the Imperial College Health Centre

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Counselling and mental health advice

Access free and confidential short-term counselling from the Student Counselling and Mental Health Advice Service.

Student Mental Health Advisers offer you support and advice if you are affected by significant or enduring mental health difficulties.

Study Mentors can help you keep on track with academic work. Life skills workshops are also available.

Speak to a fellow student through Nightline, a confidential helpline run by trained students. It offers support through the night during term-time.