To apply for a full-time undergraduate programme at Imperial College London you must make an online application via the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service - UCAS. In order to apply for a course at Imperial you will need to use the UCAS code I50

The UCAS website has step-by-step instructions on how to make an online application, so please refer to this while completing your application. The UCAS website also has a range of guides you can download, as well as videos to watch, all designed to make the application process as clear and simple as possible. 

Please note UCAS only allows you to apply to up to five programmes in any admissions cycle, so make sure you consider which courses you want to apply for carefully. Of your choices only four can be to clinical programmes (such as medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine). You can apply for multiple programmes at Imperial, but they will all count as a separate course selections on UCAS. If you want to apply to multiple programmes within the same Department at Imperial, we recommend that you speak to the Department first. 

In general, there are three different types of application you can make through UCAS depending on whether you are applying with your school or not and where you are based. 

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1. Students at a school or college registered with UCAS

All UK schools and colleges (and a small number of establishments overseas) are registered with UCAS to manage their students' applications.

Advice is available from your teacher or a careers adviser at your school or college. You fill in an online application and submit it to a member of staff. After checking your details, and having added the academic reference, your school or college submits the completed application online to UCAS. You pay online using a credit card or debit card. You may also be able to pay through your school or college.

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2. Independent applicants in the UK

Other UK applicants who are not at school or college must apply online independently. It is likely that you cannot readily seek advice from your teacher, but can instead consult with various careers organisations (such as the National Careers Service). You are responsible for paying the correct application fee, for obtaining and attaching the academic reference and for submitting the completed application online to UCAS.

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3. International applicants outside the UK (EU and worldwide

If your school or college is registered with UCAS you will be able to apply the same way as UK students; otherwise individuals from the EU (excluding the UK) and worldwide will need to apply online independently. Advice is normally available from your school or college. You are responsible for paying the correct application fee, for obtaining and attaching the academic reference and for submitting the completed application online to UCAS.

Important Information

Applicants for Medicine can make up to four choices for medical courses on the UCAS form. Your remaining choices can be used for alternative subjects without prejudice to the commitment to medicine. Applicants intending to include non-medical choices are encouraged to consider other courses available at the College.

All applications which include choices for medicine (MBBS) must be submitted by the 15 October 2020 for consideration for entry in October 2021.

All other applications must be submitted by 18.00 (UK time) on 29 January 2021 for consideration for entry in October 2021 (this deadline was extended from 15 January following UK COVID-19 restriction announcements).