The qualifications and grades listed below refer to the College minimum entry requirements for 2020 admission. Each Department is able to and often will, ask for higher grades than listed below. All entry requirements are devised by Imperial College London and are unique to the College. Please note our minimum entry requirements are reviewed and subject to amendments annually. 

The Faculty of Medicine only accepts a small number of qualifications for entry to the A100 Medicine MBBS course; many of the qualifications listed below are not accepted by the Faculty of Medicine. Please contact the Medicine Admissions Team for information on the entry requirements for admission to A100 Medicine.

If your country or qualification is not listed in the table, please contact the relevant Admissions Team for guidance.

Undergraduate Entry Requirements







  Australian Flag

 Admissions Tertiary Rank 

Percentile ranking of 98.5 or better in the Admissions Tertiary Rank, accompanied by the relevant school leaving certificate with appropriate subjects and grades.


  Austrian Flag


Scores of 1 (sehr gut) in  the majority of subjects and in specified relevant subjects


  Belgian Flag

Diploma van Hoger Secundair Onderwijs/Certificat d'Enseignement Secondaire Supérieur/Abschlusszeugnis der Oberstufe des Sekundarunterrichts

Overall score of 8 out of 10 (80%) or better, and scores of 9 out of 10 (90%) where required in relevant subjects


Bulgaria Flag

Diploma za Sredno Obrazvanie *accepted by some departments

Overall score of 5.75, with 6 in required relevant subjects *additional A levels or STEP papers may be required.


  Canadian Flag

Provincial School Leaving Qualification e.g. High School Graduation Diploma/Completion Certificate

Scores of 85%-90% overall across all grade 12 subjects, including 85%-90% in at least five grade 12 subjects including required subjects.


  Caribbean Islands

Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE)

Six units, with at least two double-unit courses with Grade 1 (AAA) in all units.


  Croatian Flag

Svjedodžba o Maturi/Matura

Scores of 5 (odlican) in relevant subjects and, where required, in the majority of subjects


  Cypriot Flag

Apolytirion of Lykeio           *accepted by some departments

Scores of 19/20 overall, with 19/20 in relevant subjects *additional A levels or STEP papers may be required.

Czech Republic

  Flag of the Czech Republic

Maturitni Zkouška / Maturita

Scores of 1 (výborný) in relevant subjects including the Mathematics (Common part) and grade 1 in the majority of subjects


  Danish Flag

Studentereksamen/Hjere Forberedelseseksamen

Overall score of 10-12, and similar scores in relevant subjects



Certificate of Nile International Secondary Education (CNISE)

Minimum of three Level 3 relevant subjects achieved with grades A-A*.


  Estonian Flag

Gümnaasiumi Lõputunnistus with Riigieksamitunnistus

Overall scores 5, with 5 in relevant subjects in the Gmnaasiumi lputunnistus and confirmation of the award of the Riigieksamitunnistus


  EU Flag

European Baccalaureate

Scores of 80%-85% overall, with scores of 8.5-9 in relevant subjects


  Finnish Flag

Ylioppilastutkinto / Studentexamen

At least two subjects above the grade of 6 (Eximia cum laude approbatur, Exceptionally good), and at least 2 subjects with a grade of 7 (Laudatur, excellent)


  French Flag

French Baccalaureate

Overall score of 15 to 17, with 15-17 in required in relevant subjects


  German Flag


Overall score of 1.6 or better, with 13 to 14 in individual subjects taken as abiturprufung examinations


  Greek Flag

Apolytirion of Geniko Lykeio *accepted by some departments

Overall score of 19/20, with 19/20 in relevant subjects *additional A levels or STEP papers may be required

Hong Kong

  Flag of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Advanced Level Examinations (HKALE)

Comparable to GCE A level requirements.

Hong Kong

  Flag of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE)

Grade 5 - 5* in relevant subjects. Where Mathematics is required applicants should achieve the required grade in both the Mathematics compulsory and Mathematics Extended 1 or 2 components.


  Hungarian Flag


Overall score of 5, and scores of 5 in relevant subjects at higher level


  Icelandic Flag


Overall score of 8.3 or better, and scores of 8 or above in relevant subjects


  Flag of India  

CISCE - ISC (Council for Indian School Certificate Examination - Indian School Certificate) Class XII
CBSE – AISSE (Central Board of Secondary Education – All India Senior School Examination) Class XII

90-92% overall across five subjects with a score of 90 to 95% in relevant subjects


  Iranian Flag

High School Diploma and a good performance in the Konkoor

Overall score of 18 to 19+ in the High School Diploma and an excellent national rank in the Konkoor


  Irish Flag

Irish Leaving Certificate

Grades of H2 (x 3) and H3 (x3) to H1 (x4) and H2 (x2)


  Israeli Flag


Overall score of 9 to 10 with high scores in at least three relevant subjects taken at the 5 unit level


  Italian Flag

Diploma Di Esame Di Stato

Overall score of 96+/100 with scores of 9 to 10 in relevant subjects


  Flag of Liechtenstein


Scores of 6 in relevant subjects


  Flag of Luxembourg

Diplôme de Fin d'Etudes Secondaires

Scores of 50-55 overall and in specific subjects


  Malaysian Flag

Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (Malaysian Higher School Certificate)

Same standard offers as GCE A-Level offers


  Maltese Flag

Matriculation Certificate

A grades in the two Advanced Level subjects, and at least two relevant intermediate subjects. Departments may also ask for an additional GCE A-level, alongside the Matriculation Certificate


  Flag of Montenegro


Overall score of 5 with 5 in relevant subjects


  Dutch Flag

VWO (Voorbereidend wetenschappelijk onderwijs)

Overall score of 9/10, with scores of 9/10 in relevant subjects

New Zealand

  Flag of New Zealand

National Certificate in Educational Achievement (NCEA) Level 3

Excellent in the majority of subjects and in specific relevant subjects


  Flag of Norway

Vitnemål fra dan videregående opplæring

Overall score of 5+ and in relevant subjects


  Polish Flag


2-3 subjects taken as advanced written examinations with grades in the 8th - 9th Stanine


  Flag of Portugal

Diploma de Ensino Secundário

Overall score of 18+/20, with scores of 18+/20 in relevant subjects


  Romanian Flag

Diploma de Bacalaureat

Overall score of 9+/10, with scores of 9+/10 in relevant subjects


  Serbian Flag


Overall score of 4.5+/5, with 5 in relevant subjects


  Flag of Singapore

Singapore A Level

A minimum of three subjects at H2 level with grade A.


  Slovakian Flag

Vysvedcenie o Maturitńa Skúška/Maturita

Grades of výborný (1) in relevant subjects, and where relevant the majority of subjects


  Slovenian Flag

Maturitetno Spricevalo

Overall grade of 5 and 5 in relevant subjects


  Spanish Flag

Titulo de Bachiller

Overall grades of 8.5-9+/10, with 8.5-9+/10 in relevant subjects


Swedish Flag

Avgångsbetyg /Fullständigt Slutbetyg från Gymnasieskolan

Grades of A in the majority of subjects and relevant subjects


  Swiss Flag

Maturitätszeugnis/ Eidgenössisch Anerkanntes Kantonales Maturitätszeugnis, Baccalauréat/Certificat De Maturité/Certificat De Maturité Cantonal Reconnu Par La Confédérati on, Attestato Di Maturità/Attestato Di Maturità Cantonale Riconosciuto Dalla Confederazione

Overall grades of 5.0, with 5.0 in relevant subject


United Kingdom

  British Flag


Standard offers between AAA and A*A*A: please see individual programmes for specific requirements. For information regarding the upcoming changes to A-levels please read our Statement on A-level Reform‌.‌ Please note A-level Use of Mathematics cannot take the place of A-level Mathematics, where Mathematics is specified as a required subject. 

United Kingdom

  British Flag

Cambridge Pre-U

D2 will replace A* in the standard A-Level offer, D3 will replace A: please see individual programmes for specific requirements

United Kingdom

  British Flag

Scottish Advanced Highers

Standard offers between AAA and A1,A1,A: please see individual programmes for specific requirements. 


  American Flag

Advanced Placement

Minimum of 3-4 AP tests with Grades of 5 (see course pages for required subjects). Expected to be taken alongside a relevant high school diploma. Where sat independently, departments may seek additional AP tests 4-6.



International Baccalaureate

Overall scores of 38-42, with scores of 6-7 in relevant subjects at higher level. Please note Mathematical Studies cannot take the place of Mathematics, where Mathematics is specified as a required subject. 


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