Students shopping in market

How much you pay for your day to day items such as eggs, toilet roll or a soft drink will vary across all cities around the world regardless of the exchange rate.

When you come to College you don’t just need to think about the exchange rate you also need to know how much you will need in order for you to sustain a healthy and social lifestyle while in London.

You must have sufficient funding in place before enrolling on your course so it is important to consider the real costs involved. Underestimating this figure could have a negative effect on your studies and, in rare cases, may result in you having to withdraw from your course, or accruing substantial debts.

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Exchange rates

In order for you to be aware of any changes which may affect the value of your money when you change it into your destination currency; make sure you keep up to date with the current exchange rate.

It is not possible for the College to replace any losses due to exchange rates.

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