180921_ICL-MIT_ABO_RECEPTION_GROUP_007-JPG--tojpeg_1537868448912_x2.jpg (1934Ã-800)Staff and students at the launch of the Imperial College London–Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) student exchange pilot in Boston in September 2018.

Imperial–MIT student exchange pilot

Imperial has launched a new student exchange programme with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The programme gives students from 10 Imperial departments the chance to spend up to a year studying at MIT, while at the same time building credit towards their Imperial degree.

The exchange is a pilot scheme, launched in 2018, and is expected to last for two years. If successful , it could be extended to include more students.

It builds on existing links between the College and US-based institution, including through the international research opportunities programme (IROP).

Participating departments

A limited number of places will be available through the exchange.

Currently, ten Imperial departments and eight MIT departments are taking part in the pilot.

Aeronautics Aeronautics and Astronautics
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering
Earth Science and Engineering Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Chemistry Chemistry
Mathematics Mathematics
Materials Materials Science and Engineering

The ImperialMIT exchange pilot will enable a small number of students to exchange between universities.

How the exchange works

To be considered for this exchange pilot, you need to:

  • be accepted onto an undergraduate year abroad course within one of Imperial's participating departments.
  • be achieving a certain academic standard by the time of selection for year abroad places within your department (this may vary by participating department).

As demand for this exchange is likely to far outstrip the number of places available, other internal selection processes may also apply, which may vary per department.

Please contact the department you're interested in joining directly for more information about the selection process – the contact details for each department are available on our course pages.

Applying for a year abroad course

There are two different ways to apply for a year abroad course within participating departments:

  • In some departments, the year abroad course has its own UCAS code, allowing you to apply directly through UCAS (see direct entry below).
  • In other departments, the year abroad course is available via internal transfer only after your first or second year.

There are limited exchange places available within our year abroad programmes, which means that competition for placements is strong and cannot be guaranteed.

Be sure to check for any additional entry requirements specific to the year abroad degree when you apply.

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