I definitely felt daunted by the thought of managing my money as a student in London. But before I even applied to Imperial, I sat down with my family and drew up a plan on how much everything was going to cost.

I check my bank balance every few days to make sure I’m not overspending on my weekly budget. I’ve also found there are ways you can cut unnecessary costs. Making the most of supermarket offers, buying things in bulk and checking the reduced section of supermarkets is a great way to save money!

I cook with housemates and bring food to lectures – it means we get to socialise together and it stops me eating out every day which can quickly add up."






London also comes with benefits that I’m not sure I’d get if I studied elsewhere. Last summer I did a 12–week summer internship at a transport consultancy firm. I learnt so much and it confirmed for me that it was the industry I want to work in. I’ve actually been lucky enough to be offered a graduate role at the company once I finish my degree this year. 

I feel like being a student in London exposes you to so many more opportunities. My internship was in central London so the whole application process of going to their head office for interviews was really convenient. Being in London, I just feel so much more accessible to job opportunities.