KinanI was definitely worried about being able to afford to study in London when I was applying to universities.

I knew I wanted to apply to Imperial but I had originally thought about studying nearer to home in Brighton, or living at home with my parents, as way to save money.

At the back of my mind, I worried that if I applied to Imperial I would have to get a part-time job and have to work out a way to juggle this around my course and clinical placements.

Receiving the Imperial Bursary has been a huge help. It’s taken such a weight off."

I receive the Bursary in monthly instalments with my Maintenance Loan. I know that each month I will have an income to help with my uni costs and uni life. I receive the payment before my rent is due, which works out really well.

Receiving the Bursary has definitely taken off some of the financial pressure of studying in London. I don’t think I would be as comfortable as I am if I didn’t receive the Bursary. It’s also nice to know you don’t have to pay the money back!”