Student and robot

Each department is home to its own network of people who can support your academic and personal development throughout your time here.

Imperial ‘families’

The Union’s ‘Mums and Dads’ peer mentoring scheme matches first years with existing students to help you tap into the wealth of peer support and expertise of students in higher years within your Department.

Personal tutor

Your first point of contact for support will usually be your personal tutor. This is a member of staff who can offer you help and support with both academic and personal issues.

Personal tutors can advise you about your academic progress, identify strengths and weaknesses, and suggest ways in which you can improve your performance.

On top of this, they are your first port of call for any welfare, financial or pastoral issues that you may have. Personal tutors can also provide an academic reference for when you wish to apply for jobs, placements or further study.

If they cannot help or you feel uncomfortable talking to them about certain issues then they will be able to suggest whom you might talk to.

Senior tutor

Most departments have a Senior Tutor whose job it is to oversee the personal and/or academic tutors. The Senior Tutor is the person to turn to for further advice or if your personal tutor is unavailable for any reason.