Project Summary

Research Areas: QCM, thin films, drug formulations
Sponsor: AbbVie

Title: Investigating interfacial phenomena with the Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Studying interfacial phenomena is of incredible importance to the pharmaceutical industry. These are notably important to understand in the interactions between APIs and excipients in drug formulation especially in solid dispersions. Such phenomena include phase separations or transitions, and crystallization which are affected by environmental conditions, surface topographies, surface energies, and the substrate just to name a few variables. Our project looks to primarily utilize the Quartz Crystal Microbalance to investigate these topics, with a focus on spin coated thin film studies at the sub-micron range. Our studies also use a wide range of instruments to combine and investigate the changes taking place. These include but are not limited to SEM, AFM, Ellipsometry, PXRD, and DVS.