About Us

Since 2014, the Sustainable Gas Institute has provided thought leadership and authoritative interdisciplinary evidence and analysis on the role of natural gas, hydrogen and biogas/biomethane in future low carbon energy systems.

Researchers at the Institute manage, lead and deliver world-class research with our global partners across the spectrum of science, engineering, economics and business to support policymakers and industry in their decision-making. The institute is led by Professor Adam Hawkes, and its governance board is chaired by Professor Nigel Brandon.


Our Aims

  • Examine the environmental, economic and technological role of gas in the global energy landscape
  • Define the technologies and develop energy systems models that could explore the role of gas and other energy sources
  • Consider how and where gas can help address the global challenge climate change

Our Scope

We focus on natural gas, hydrogen and biogas/biomethane energy vectors, covering research in production processes, processing and conversion, transport and related infrastructure, and a complete range of end-use technologies.

This technical knowledge underpins further analysis of enabling factors such as economics, policy, regulatory and market mechanisms in low carbon futures.