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A new White Paper review from the Sustainable Gas Institute evaluates the overall potential for decarbonising the gas network.
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There are an estimated 2.8 million km of gas transport pipelines globally supplying energy for heating and cooking.

The Sustainable Gas Institute’s third White Paper review evaluates the overall potential for decarbonising the gas network, including the use of biomethane and hydrogen in existing gas infrastructure.

It examines the options for creating low carbon gas networks, exploring the technical issues as well as the decarbonisation potential and costs associated with each option.


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Please attribute: [paper, page, section or figure] Speirs, J., Balcombe, P., Johnson, E., Martin, J., Brandon, N., Hawkes, A. (2017). A Greener Gas Grid: What are the options?, Sustainable Gas Institute, Imperial College London.



12/10/16 – How can we make the gas grid greener?  a blog post by Erin Johnson for the Grantham Institute blog

Journal papers

P. Balcombe, J. Speirs, E. Johnson, J. Martin, N. Brandon, A. Hawkes, The carbon credentials of hydrogen gas networks and supply chains, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 91, August 2018, Pages 1077-1088

Launch Event


The evening commenced with a welcome by the Institute’s Director, Professor Nigel Brandon followed by a 30-minute overview of the report from the lead author, Dr. Jamie Speirs.

The panel members include:-

· Professor Jim Watson, Research Director, UK Energy Research Centre
· Dan Sadler, Project Manager of the H21 Leeds City Gate team
· Dr David Joffe, Team leader at the UK Committee on Climate Change



09/01/18 – Invited to speak at Pacific Coast Collaborative, Seattle

19/01/18 – invited to speak at World Bank Asia Gas Workshop, Singapore


20/07/17 – A greener gas grid: What are the options? – launch event

13/09/17 – Attended The UK Committee on Climate Change (the CCC) roundtable workshop to help shape their call for a future gas research call.

02/11/17 – Invited to participate in AScEnD workshop in Edinburgh.

06/12/17 – Presenting at Energy Networks Association conference in Telford

04/17 – Invited to UK Energy Research Centre Consultation for future white paper topics

06/17 – Invited to present at UK/EU consultancy E3G workshop in Brussels on future of EU gas system

06/17 – Attended telecon with Malcom Graham (Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST)) to help inform POST Note on gas network decarbonisation.

07/17 – Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) conference, July 2017.

12/17 – Attended Carbon Connect round table steering group for the second paper in their Future of Gas series, attended by Alan Whitehead MP, James Heappey MP and Alistair Carmichael MP.


27/09/16 – Policy facing research through Systematic Review and primary analysis – Sustainable Gas Research & Innovation Conference 2016


20 July 2017 – Can the UK’s gas grid go green? New white paper explores options –

20 July 2017 – Can the UK’s gas grid go green? New white paper explores options – Imperial College website

21st July 2017 – UK green gas ‘could boost decarbonisation goals’  –

14th Aug 2017 –  Energy transition? Let’s not forget the option of a Green Gas Grid –  EnergyPost Weekly

16th Aug 2017 – A greener gas grid: 6 key findings  – Gastech Insights (archived)


The presentation slides can be found on Slideshare.

A Greener Gas Grid: What are the options?