Gas could play a crucial role in the future energy mix. What does that mean for industry, governments and other stakeholders?

The Sustainable Gas Institute Partnerships Programme aims to engage a diverse membership from leading companies and institutions across the gas value chain, including oil and gas extraction, distribution and end-use, energy companies, consultancies, and government bodies to address the tremendous opportunities and challenges associated with increased use of natural gas, hydrogen and bio-derived gases.

Programme goals

  • Examine the role of natural gas, hydrogen and other low carbon gases in the global energy landscape;
  • Apply state of the art techniques to explore the environmental performance of gas production, transmission and distribution and end-use systems;
  • Define the technologies that underpin the role of gas in future, including technical challenges, their solutions, and the supporting economic case.
  • Determine the role of gas in mitigating climate change, through supporting renewable electricity systems, providing low carbon heat and transport, and in green industrial production.

We bring together a wide range of world-leading Imperial College researchers with expertise in natural gas futures, carbon capture and storage, modelling energy futures, life cycle assessment, hydrogen, energy efficiency, carbon and methane emissions mitigation and low-carbon transport.

Our members are given a clear insight into the forefront of gas and energy research and development to gain an early competitive advantage.

Membership opens the opportunity to form long-term partnerships, to share ideas and network with other global organizations working in the energy sector.


The Sustainable Gas Institute provides numerous benefits to its partners including direct assistance and solutions to organisation’s specific goals and challenges.

Benefits vary depending on a partner's membership level, but include:

  • Privileged access to a director as the main point-of-contact.  
  • Dedicated access to an experienced project lead or research team (PhD students and post-doctoral researchers). 
  • Serving on the governance board with an opportunity to drive research priorities for the Institute.
  • Active participation in the White Paper Expert Advisory Group. 
  • Opportunity to develop research through a tailored academic research project (aligned with the level of fee contribution). 
  • Regular input into research project meetings. 
  • Partners and members will receive priority early-stage access to findings. 
  • Invitation to a roundtable discussion/members dinner with our annual lecture speaker 
  • Optional sponsorship of a Gas Technology Briefing paper. 
  • Participation in an annual “Sustainable Gas Day” workshop industry/academic showcase. 
  • Guaranteed and privileged access to our Annual Lecture series. 
  • Special access to expertise on collaborative MSc research project proposals. 
  • Regular institute updates: newsletter, and annual report. 

We offer three levels of membership: Standard, Plus and Foundation. 

For more information, please contact Marina Lomberg (Operations Manager).