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AB - A crucial element of biobased economies is the development of economically sustainable biorefining systems enabling a full exploitation of biomass (and its macrocomponents, i.e. cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin) for the production of chemicals, materials and energy. The huge variety of biomass processing paths in second generation biorefineries leads to complex product portfolios indicating the necessity of maximizing the value derived from biomass feedstock when treated in a biorefinery with the aim to create economically feasible and environmentally sustainable biobased production systems (Kokossis and Yang, 2010). One of the most important and challenging aspects in the quest of producing a set of more sustainable biobased products, is the design of a more profitable, better integrated and more sustainable biorefinery supply chain network (Akgul et al., 2011; Martín and Grossmann, 2010; uek et al., 2014). The biomass pretreatment, which fractionates biomass into its three macrocomponents, usually represents the highest costing part of the entire biorefining system (CIMV, 2015). Optimization tools could play a decisive role supporting the decision making process in new biorefinery systems, through the performance of sensitivity analysis, the assessment of technical or economic uncertainties as well as the identification of the major cost drivers (Kim et al., 2013).
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