There are significant natural gas resources relative to our atmosphere's capacity to cope with the emissions from their supply chain and ultimate combustion. In a world where these resources are abundant, but their unabated combustion constrained by climate targets, what is the best thing to do with natural gas?

The role for natural gas judged to be within burnable limits is subject to a number of assumptions regarding the future development of the energy economy. This includes the use of carbon capture and storage in conjunction with electricity or hydrogen production, the reduction in supply chain emissions, the end-use sectors where natural gas is used and the development of competing energy sources.

White Paper 6 will begin by investigating the full range of options for natural gas use in the coming decades. This will be placed in the context of the unburnable carbon debate and the latest energy models and climate targets. The main methods or metrics used to identify the relative role of each of these options will then be assessed. The paper will then present the range of results and communicate any uncertainty in the findings.