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AB - The EU-funded DEMOSOFC project demonstrates the technical and economic feasibility of operating a 174 kWe (+ 100 kWth) SOFC system in a wastewater treatment plant, fed by biogas. The integrated biogas-SOFC plant includes three main units: 1) the biogas clean-up and compression section; 2) the SOFC power modules, and 3) the heat recovery loop. The present work is related to the results of the operation of the SOFC system. More than 7000 hours of operation have been reached onsite. Biogas raw composition is daily measured: starting form values of around 50 ppm (Sulphur equivalent) and 1.0-1.5 ppm (siloxanes equivalent) downstream the results show zero H2S and zero siloxanes. Measured SOFC efficiency from biogas to AC power has always been higher than 52-53%, with peaks of 56%. A dedicated emissions measurements campaign shows NOx < 20 mg/m3, SO2 < 8 mg/m3 and particulate lower than ambient air values (0.01 mg/m3).
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