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AB - This chapter provides an introduction to the economic benefits that small scale and micro-CHP systems can provide, and goes on to illustrate a specific techno-economic modelling method for analysis of CHP systems. Beginning with a brief review of how, why, and where CHP and decentralised energy systems can provide economic value, it then discusses the sometimes ill-defined concept of techno-economics, and the variety of modelling techniques that underpin it. An optimisation method designed to examine the technical and site characteristics that can lead to commercially successful CHP is then presented, followed by its application to study the case of residential micro-CHP in the United Kingdom. The results of this analysis demonstrate that the heat-to-power ratio of the micro-CHP prime mover is the key technical characteristic that determines economic and environmental performance, in addition to site specific attributes such as onsite electricity demand and the presence of significant thermal demand. Going forward, the emerging tension between CHP and heat pumps for space and water heating applications is touched on in the context of long term stringent emissions reduction targets.
AU - Hawkes,AD
PB - Woodhead
TI - Techno-Economic Assessment of Small and Micro-CHP Systems
T1 - Small- and micro-combined heat and power systems
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