A lecturer and two PhD students in Imperial's data visualisation lab
Dr Apostolos Voulgarakis discusses the impact of wildfires on air pollution and cloud formation with PhD students Alexander Kuhn-Regnier and Yawei Qu.



To expand sustainability and climate change research, helping societies to become healthier, smarter and more resilient. We will ensure our operational activities will be informed by our world-leading research.

We will…

  • continue to drive the sustainability and climate change agenda through our world leading research;
  • foster collaboration between operational and research-led activities to develop our campuses as ‘living labs’, applying research to our everyday operations;
  • facilitate network-building across our research community in the field of sustainability and climate change;
  • develop our communications to provide a clear source of information on our research activity for both our internal and external community, for example, through the Global Development Hub;
  • expand our portfolio of research and innovation activities that have a positive environmental impact.

Measures of progress

  • Increase in number of researchers engaged in projects related to sustainability and climate change;
  • Increase in funding for our portfolio of research in sustainability and climate change.