College staff on the Queen's lawn


To engage the Imperial community of staff and students in improving the environmental and social impact of the College.

To promote knowledge exchange and best practice by building capacity across all departments, and encourage all students and staff to embed sustainability practice in all their activities.

We will…

  • establish diverse and inclusive networks of staff and students, such as a Sustainability Champions Network;
  • continue to hold an annual Sustainability Week to showcase current activity and to provide staff and students with the knowledge to enable them to act more sustainably at work and home;
  • provide all staff with training to equip them with the skills to have a positive impact on the environment;
  • provide regular communications to our community about current initiatives, strategy development and practical guidance to bring about positive change and contribute to a more sustainable society;
  • work with Imperial College Union to support the development of engagement activities for our students;
  • continue to engage Imperial alumni in our sustainability work;
  • create open and welcoming campus environments.

Measures of progress

  • Number of staff and students attending sustainability training and events;
  • Impact of staff and students actively participating in sustainability networks and initiatives to create more environmentally-friendly campuses.