Imperial's Silwood Park Campus


To raise awareness of the College’s natural environment and promote biodiversity across the College estate, act as stewards to safeguard and conserve natural ecosystems, and where possible, ensure construction or refurbishment work undertaken by the College and contractors has a net positive impact on biodiversity.

We will…

  • map biodiversity on all College campuses and monitor its health and growth;
  • where possible, increase the number of green walls, roofs and spaces to maximise benefit from Imperial’s limited urban campuses;
  • continue to enhance the ecology, conservation and environmental work carried out at Silwood Park, the College’s rural campus;
  • make biodiversity considerations integral to planning;
  • increase planting of trees and drought resistant plants to create a greener environment and improve wellbeing of staff and students;
  • utilise and enhance natural resources like the Secret Garden at the South Kensington Campus;
  • encourage and equip staff and students to become stewards of green space on campus and beyond.

Measures of progress

  • Increase in area of roofs, walls and other spaces with improved biodiversity;
  • Increase in number and variety of wildlife species recorded as present on our campuses.