Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is a haven amidst the South Kensington Campus open to all staff and students. It is home to the Imperial Apiary Project, run by the College’s Environmental Society, which produces significant amounts of honey. Waste piles are shredded, left to biodegrade and the resulting compost used on lawns and planted areas.

Biodiversity at Silwood Park

Our Silwood Park Campus provides important habitats including wet woodlands, acid grasslands, traditional orchards and parklands.

These provide havens for a wide range of wildlife such as ancient trees which support many rare species of insects, lichens and fungi. Some of these habitats and species are considered scarce, vulnerable, or in need of protection under national and international conservation schemes.

Green roofs

Green roofs are habitats for wildlife, absorb rainwater, help to improve wellbeing and help to mitigate against the heat island effect. Green roofs can be found on the South Kensington Campus and at the White City Campus on the new MSRH and I-HUB buildings.