Members of staff making coffee


To work with our suppliers to ensure that food and drink are sourced responsibly, food miles are minimised and the effects on the wider environment are taken into account, and to increase consumer awareness of the environmental impact of food and drink.

We will…

  • work to develop and implement a sustainable food policy;
  • use innovative menus and promote meat-free meals to reduce the amount of meat used in College catering;
  • work with our suppliers to reduce the use of unsustainable catering supplies;
  • work with suppliers to ensure that all fish served in College catering outlets is Marine Stewardship Council certified;
  • continue to replace plastic and single-use items throughout catering operations, for example by continuing the disposable cup levy;
  • introduce more water fountains and encourage the use of refillable drinks containers.

Measures of progress

  • Reduction in plastic and single-use items used and sold through College catering outlets;
  • Reduction in waste produced from catering operations;
  • Reduction in amount of meat used in College catering;
  • Reduction in amount of palm oil used from non-sustainable sources.