College leaders in a discussion


To provide oversight, direction and focus to the College’s actions on sustainability and climate change. This will be done by creating a shared vision for sustainability; building capacity; empowering and inspiring staff, students and College leaders; facilitating change within the College at all levels and demonstrating leadership by example.

We will influence decision making across the College so that every aspect of the College’s work is compatible with the Sustainability Strategy.

We will…

  • establish a Sustainability Advisory Board under the direction of the Academic Leader for Sustainability;
  • strengthen and build on existing evaluation processes, and ensure that annual reports are developed to assist in monitoring progress and decision-making;
  • ensure that sustainability is an integral part of decision-making at all levels, including long-term academic and financial planning;
  • empower the College community to engage widely in action on climate change and sustainability, working in partnership with each other and with senior leadership;
  • benchmark our sustainability performance against national and international institutions.