Recycling bins


To ensure the responsible management of all waste streams arising from our activities, using innovative solutions to reduce our consumption of single-use items, to reuse materials and recycle waste produced as much as possible.

We will…

  • reduce waste sent to landfill from all College sources by being efficient in use of our resources and in reusing and recycling unwanted materials;
  • investigate further the reduction, reuse and recycling of varied materials used in laboratories that are currently sent to landfill or for incineration;
  • increase the use of WARPit to reuse College equipment and furniture;
  • promote student recycling schemes for unwanted bedding and other items to be given to charities.

Measures of progress

  • Reduction in total amount of various wastes sent for recycling compared to waste going to general landfill (tonnes per year);
  • Reduction in emissions from our waste related activities (tonnes of CO2e per year);
  • Increase in number of equipment and furniture reuse transactions via WARPit, waste and emissions saved (tonnes waste/CO2e per year);
  • Increase in quantity of food, bedding and other unwanted goods collected from students for donation to charity (tonnes per year).