Our people

Professor Paul Lickiss

Academic Leader in Sustainability & Professor of Organometallic Chemistry


Rhea Samra

Project Coordinator, Grantham Institute

Sustainability Staff 2

Andy Hammond

Head of Energy, Engineering and the Environment, Estates Division

Hari Haren

Energy Engineer, Estates Division

Kamil Khoury

Head of Catering and Events

Sustainability Strategy Committee


  • Prof Nigel Brandon - Dean of the Faculty of Engineering (Chair)
  • Prof Paul Lickiss - Academic Leader in Sustainability (Deputy Chair)
  • Nick Roalfe - Director of Estates Operations
  • Kamil Khoury - Head of Catering Operations
  • Prof Washington Ochieng - Head of the Centre for Transport Studies (FoE representative)
  • Sam Lee - Student Union Deputy President Finance and Services
  • Chris Banks - Assistant Provost (Space) and Director of Library Services (Academic Services representative)
  • Dr Will Pearse - Senior Lecturer in Applied Ecology (Silwood Park Campus representative)
  • Ralf Martin - Associate Prof of Economics (Business School representative)
  • Dr Emma Sharp - Project Manager (FoNS representative)
  • Professor Frank Kelly - Battcock Chair in Community Health and Policy (FoM representative)
  • Dr Bob Klaber - Director of Strategy, Research and Innovation and Consultant Paediatrician (Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust representative)
  • Jesse Alter - Head of College Community Communications (Communications representative)
  • Rhea Samra - Project Coordinator (Committee Support and Secretary)

Meeting dates

Tuesday 15th June 2021
Monday 20th September 2021
Thursday 2nd December 2021
Wednesday 16th March 2022
Wednesday 22nd June 2022
Tuesday 20 September 2022
Monday 5th December 2022

Terms of Reference

  1. To oversee the goals, priorities and implementation of the Sustainability Strategy at Imperial with the aim of being an exemplar organisation (to meet quarterly/ termly).
  2. To promote the involvement of all members of College in sustainable actions across the whole of College activities.
  3. To spearhead sustainability initiatives; guiding the prioritisation of existing budgets, and/or commissioning work, for example through short term Task Groups, with clear objectives on specific issues.
  4. To initiate and promote data gathering, benchmarking and the setting of targets related to sustainability.
  5. To play a high-level monitoring role, receiving reports and investigating when progress towards the sustainability goals is not as planned.
  6. To report at least annually to Provost’s Board on progress, highlighting issues of significance.