What is Systems Biology?

Systems Biology is a rapidly evolving discipline that seeks to determine how complex biological systems function by integrating experimentally derived information through mathematical and computing solutions.

Through an iterative process of experimentation and modelling, systems biology aims to understand how individual components interact to govern the functioning of the system as a whole.

What is Synthetic Biology?

Synthetic Biology can be defined as the design and re-design of biological parts, devices and systems with applications ranging from materials with enhanced properties to biofuels.

Our research

The Institute's research concept is shown below and highlights the importance of our research into and application of core systems biology technologies and their interface with our three major research areas:

  • Model Organisms
  • Plants
  • Humans

Research in these three major areas extends beyond basic science into the application of our research, for example in drug discovery, green energy and tissue engineering.

The institute is headed by its Chairman, Professor Richard Kitney, and brings together research from a network of areas.

Systems Biology research