10 Years of Systems Engineering thought-leadership in infrastructure. What next?

This year the Imperial Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation celebrates 10 years of internationally leading research and education. In the last decade, our work has developed insights across a range of areas associated with complexity, systems integration, data-driven systems engineering, transforming construction, infrastructure life-cycles, and transition towards zero pollution resulting in new systems approaches to infrastructure projects, and to the digital transformation and systems-thinking now leading change across the construction sector.

Join our online event on the 7th July which brings together leading academics and senior industry figures to celebrate our decade-long extraordinary achievements, to see how they inform current debate and discuss how they are going to shape the research agenda through to 2030.

Register early to benefit from access to our latest research across a range of topics and for further information on event sessions as it becomes available. Below is an opportunity to delve into the work we have undertaken with our colleagues and industry partners through the variety of research, publications, projects and events.

Register now for our 10 Year Anniversary Celebration Online Event - Tuesday 7th July, 2020.

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Our event themes


Complexity and Resilience

As infrastructure systems become seen as interconnected, open systems, the complexity grows.


Systems Integration and Systems Engineering Leadership

Systems Approaches to Infrastructure


Data-Driven Systems Engineering

To understand patterns in complex infrastructure systems



Infrastructure Life-Cycles

How are questions about infrastructure through life, starting with operating infrastructure, but also considering delivery and reuse of materials.


Restart, reset and reinvent: Transforming construction

Pivoting towards the future of systems engineering and innovation


Towards Carbon Zero - Built and Natural Environments

Can systems thinking lead to new ways to consider infrastructure that support a move towards zero pollution