Our vision

The 2030 vision of the Centre is to bring Systems Engineering and Innovation to Civil Infrastructure through changing how cross-sector infrastructure challenges are addressed in an integrated way using principles of systems engineering to maximise resilience, safety and sustainability in an increasingly complex world. We want to better understand the natural and societal impacts of infrastructure interventions under uncertainty. This requires a change in current approaches to infrastructure systems engineering: starting from the natural environment and its resources, encompassing societal use of infrastructure and the supporting infrastructure assets and services. In the coming years, we see the Centre as a platform for discussing and creating knowledge to support this new thinking by developing novel modelling methods and forms of model integration and multi-criteria indicators for complex infrastructure problems that go beyond boundaries of individual infrastructure systems. We see the work relevant for both academic community and wide range of industry and policy applications that are working on transition pathways towards fair, safe and sustainable society.

CSEI 2020-2030 Research Strategy

A Research Agenda on Systems Approaches to Infrastructure - Paper highlights

  • At a time of system shocks, significant underlying challenges are revealed in current approaches to delivering infrastructure, including the need for holistic assessment and that infrastructure users in many societies feel distant from nature.
  • We advocate for approach that sees the natural environment as all pervasive, where the built infrastructure is inseparable from it and an adaptation of the natural environment to suit societal needs, using its materials and resources.
  • Our research focuses on complexity, systems integration, data-driven systems engineering, infrastructure lifecycles, and the transition towards zero pollution as key themes that can further our understanding and evaluation of Infrastructure-Environment Nexus.
  • We argue for modelling that brings natural as well as built environments within the system boundaries to better understand infrastructure and to better assess sustainability.
  • We set out a 2030 research agenda with the aim to develop novel modelling methods, forms of model integration, and multi-criteria indicators to better understand the natural and societal impacts of infrastructure interventions under uncertainty.

For more information, please see the full paper

Whyte, J., Mijic, A., Myers, R. J., Angeloudis, P., Cardin, M. A., Stettler, M. E. J. & Ochieng, W. (2020). A Research Agenda on Systems Approaches to Infrastructure. Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems. RESEARCH GATE [advanced copy]