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AB - The mammalian membranebound O acyltransferase (MBOAT) superfamily is involved in biological processes including growth, development and appetite sensing. MBOATs are attractive drug targets in cancer and obesity; however, information on the binding site and molecular mechanisms underlying smallmolecule inhibition is elusive. This study reports rational development of a photochemical probe to interrogate a novel smallmolecule inhibitor binding site in the human MBOAT Hedgehog acyltransferase (HHAT). Structureactivity relationship investigation identified single enantiomer IMP1575 , the most potent HHAT inhibitor reported todate, and guided design of photocrosslinking probes that maintained HHATinhibitory potency. Photocrosslinking and proteomic sequencing of HHAT delivered identification of the first smallmolecule binding site in a mammalian MBOAT. Topology and homology data suggested a potential mechanism for HHAT inhibition which was confirmed via kinetic analysis. Our results provide an optimal HHAT tool inhibitor IMP1575 ( K i = 38 nM) and a strategy for mapping small molecule interaction sites in MBOATs.
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