Imperial College London hosts a number of THz research activities within the Departments of Materials, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Physics. In addition, with respect to security applications of terahertz radiation, CTSE collaborates closely with Imperial's Institute of Security Science and Technology. 

CTSE aims to become a focal point for industrial cooperation in this rapidly growing area. The Department of Materials at Imperial College London provides a dedicated laboratory for the Centre. 

THz Center Capabilities

Department of Materials

The THz centre has use of the following facilities in the Department of Materials:

Fabrication mat

  • Oxide, nitride and metal deposition
  • Combined 4” graphene – metal deposition systems    


  • Class 2 biosafety cabinet, microfluidic equipment and cell microscope 

 THz Metrology

Frequency Domain:

  • 10 MHz – 67 GHz Rohde and Schwarz VNA coaxial
  • 70 GHz – 500 GHz Rohde and Schwarz VNA complete coverage of  waveguide bands, including horn antenna pairs and complete calibration kits
  • Several Agilent VNAs 10 MHz-40 GHz  
  • Quasi-optical transmission/reflection measurement setup 70 GHz – 500 GHz
  • Scanning near-field microscope 1 GHz -100 GHz                  

Time Domain:

  • 0.06 to 4 THz TeraView TPS Spectra 3000 with remote transceivers


Electrical Engineering

The THz centre has use of the following facilities of the Optical and Semiconductor Devices Group withing the Department Of electrical and Electronic Engineering:

Fabrication cleanroom

  • Implantation, Diffusion
  • Oxidation, Metallisation, Electroplating
  • S/S & D/S lithography
  • 3D Printing, Laser Machining

Characterisation osd

  • Rudolph Research AutoEL®-II Automatic Ellipsometer
  • Veeco Dektak 3ST Surface Profiler
  • Atomic Force Microscope
  • LEO 1450VP Scanning Electron Beam Microscopy 
  • with EDX compositional analysis
  • Agilent 86140B and 86142B Optical Spectrum Analysers
  • Hamamatsu Photonics C2400 Near-infrared Video Camera

THz Metrology

Frequency Domain: 

  • 10 MHz – 110 GHz Agilent N5250A Performance Network Analyzer with RF 
  • On-wafer Probe Station
  • 75 GHz – 110 GHz WR-10 Metal-pipe Rectangular Waveguide Test Rig with Gunn Oscillators, Detectors and Horn Antennas
  • 10 THz – 30 THz Bespoke Monochromatic Grating-based Spectrometer 
  • THZ5B-BL with T-Rad Pyroelectric Detector:
            100 GHz – 6.8 THz - for relative power measurements only
            6.8 THz – 30 THz - corrected for sensing element absorption
            30 THz – 1,200 THz - for calibrated spectrometer measurements
            23 THz – 40 THz (7.5 µm – 13 µm) FLIR E60 Thermal Infrared Video Camera
  • 20 THz  80 THz Thermal Infrared 'THz Torch' bench