Professor Jill Gilmour speaking at Vaccines Forum workshop

The Forum is Imperial’s policy engagement programme. It connects Imperial researchers with policy-makers to discover new thinking on global challenges.

Through The Forum, policy-makers develop relationships with Imperial researchers working in subject areas relevant to their work, sharing the latest research to support evidence-based policy development. The Forum also supports our researchers to better engage with policy-makers and to understand government’s research needs. 

The Forum will be running a new series of workshops in 2020, following on from our success last year. Our workshops are bespoke events that convene policy-makers and researchers to discuss key policy areas and expand their networks. They allow small groups of policy-makers to network with world class researchers and to have open discussions about the policy implications of the latest research.

The Forum also organises monthly internal policy engagement seminars for Imperial researchers which focus on building political engagement expertise. Topics include the policy-making process, key decision-makers and how to influence them. 

The Forum's topics for 2020 will map directly onto Imperial's Acadamic Strategy themes:

  • Sustainable Society
  • Healthy Society
  • Smart Society
  • Resilient Society

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