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Introducing the Imperial Impact Fellowships Programme

Imperial Policy Forum has launched an exciting new Impact Fellowship programme for senior policymakers from across government. Fellows will come to Imperial’s South Kensington and White City campuses and engage with our world-leading academics, innovators and entrepreneurs. The Imperial Impact Fellowship will focus on understanding the role of innovation in policy development and delivery.

Fellows are paired with an academic mentor who will work with them for the duration of the programme, diversifying their networks into the world of academia. Fellows will also encounter new perspectives with which to approach policy challenges within their own departments.

Applications for the Spring 2023 cohort have now closed, but will reopen in May 2023 for the Autumn cohort. For more information on the application process, please email Pete Ford (p.ford@imperial.ac.uk), Programme Manager at Imperial Policy Forum.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Imperial Impact Fellowship Programme?

The Impact Fellowship Programme is a new initiative from the Imperial Policy Forum, designed as a development programme for senior policymakers trying to solve or deliver some of the UK's hardest science & technology challenges. The Fellowship Programme will connect Fellows with the best evidence to build relationships and understanding between researchers and policymakers.

A unique feature of the Imperial Impact Policy Fellowship will be understanding the role of innovation in policy development and delivery.

What will the Programme involve?

Fellows will be paired with an academic mentor for the duration of the Programme who will work with them on a specific policy challenge. The Programme consists of presentations and workshops on how innovation can help drive forward policy and delivery.

The Fellowship Programme consists of six days between February and April (spring cohort) & September and December (autumn cohort). These days will be split across out South Kensington and White City campuses.

Who will I meet?

Fellows will meet and work with academics working on solutions to the same challenges they are facing in their departments. They will also meet Imperial's senior leadership, start-ups and entrepreneurs from the College, as well as fellow policymakers from around government, all of which will offer different perspectives and new ways of thinking about your problem.

How will I benefit from the Fellowship?

Fellows will develop diverse networks in a world leading university, allowing for greater flow of evidence and understanding between academic and policy communities. Fellows will explore the role that innovation has to play in policy design and delivery.

Who is the Fellowship aimed at?

The Programme is designed for senior civil servants (SCS1 - SCS2) working on or within a relevant policy area, with an interest in developing expertise and leadership skills in academic engagement.

When can I apply?

The first cohort of Fellows will run from February to April 2023.

We will launch the call for applications for the autumn cohort in May 2023.

Further Questions

Please contact Pete Ford (p.ford@imperial.ac.uk), Programme Manager at Imperial Policy Forum for any further questions.