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The Imperial Policy Fellowships Programme

The Imperial Policy Fellowship programme is a unique scheme for senior policy professionals to get new perspectives and insights on complex public policy challenges and to build networks in a world-leading university. Imperial is a global top-10 university, with a world-class reputation in research and innovation and a focus on using multi-disciplinary approaches through our Global Institutes to tackle the most important issues the world is facing today. 

The Fellowship programme brings together expertise from across the College's departments, Centres and Institutes to provide Fellows with a extraordinary range of insights into the challenges and potential solutions to the most important issues the world is facing today. 

The Fellowship programme is tailored to the individual Fellows, matching them with relevant academic expertise to collaborate and explore topics of mutual interest. The scheme will: 

  • Build relationships and understanding between policy and academia
  • Refine problem statements for the big policy challenges – and where academic evidence can support policy development, delivery or evaluation 
  • Use policy insights and needs to inform future research questions 
  • Establish stronger networks between Imperial and government that can allow for future collaboration 

The Imperial Policy Forum will run the programme annually and we encourage applications from civil servants from different backgrounds and departments. 

Cohort 2024: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The 2024 cohort is focused on AI. The rapid increase in the capability of AI systems poses huge public policy challenges as well as opportunities if harnessed safely. The public sector and academia need to work together to build the skills and capability within government to understand and harness these new technologies.  

The 2024 cohort will focus on Artificial Intelligence, aimed at officials working on the design and/or delivery of public policy impacted by AI.  Imperial is home to a diverse AI community of nearly 300 researchers and 800 PhD/postdocs studying ways to accelerate the safe deployment of AI.

For more information about the Fellowship programme contact: the.forum@imperial.ac.uk