How can we help you?

Imperial Policy Forum can offer a range of support if you are considering submitting a response to any of the below opportunities, including:

  • Support in identifying the elements of the consultation/enquiry relevant to your research
  • Ensuring that your evidence is submitted in a clear way that meets the requirements of the department or Committee
  • Providing useful tips for producing both written and oral evidence
  • Promoting your contributions through our social media and comms channels

How else we can support

A mental health first aider in conversation with a member of staff

Bespoke support

If you would like any advice or support on policy engagement such as writing a policy briefing, arranging an event or workshop or stakeholder mapping, then please get in touch:

Connecting you with policymakers

The Forum team has long supported Imperial staff and researchers to share their research with policymakers from parliamentarians to civil servants.

Please get in touch if you would like any advice or support in contacting any policymakers: