How can cutting edge innovations in science and technology address pressing policy challenges at home and abroad?  

The way in which we do innovation are changing, technologies based on fundamental new science or engineering promise to transform our society. These technologies can offer tantalising opportunities to solve big problems from air pollution to climate change, antimicrobial resistance to food insecurity using Artificial Intelligence, advances in quantum technologies and drug discovery.

Imperial Policy Forum’s 'Emerging Technologies’ theme looks at the barriers to unlocking the opportunities these technologies offer, both in terms of creating more dynamic innovation ecosystem, as well as the policy and regulatory implications of emerging technologies like AI and quantum.

Understanding and supporting the innovation ecosystem

We work with colleagues in the Imperial Business School and the Institute for Deep Tech Entrepreneurship to understand the challenges that the next generation of entrepreneurs are facing in commercialising new technologies.

Quantum technologies

Advances in quantum technologies will drive future breakthroughs in national security, finance tech, drug discovery, and many other areas of national life. In addition, the UK’s early international lead in quantum developments have put us in a great position to be the home for innovative quantum-based businesses in the future. Imperial Policy Forum works with the College’s QuEST project (Quantum Engineering Science and Technology) to bring together the deep quantum expertise across Imperial with relevant policymakers.

Artificial Intelligence

As Artificial Intelligence continues to grow in both complexity and scale of application across the UK, it is essential that policy decisions relating to AI are informed by the best available evidence. Imperial Policy Forum works with AI experts across the College, including those affiliated with the Artificial Intelligence Network and Imperial-X, to ensure that policymakers and regulators are fully briefed on the latest available evidence.

transformative tech articles


This long-read article introduces the ‘Imperial-X’ initiative, a major cross-College project bringing together expertise in emerging and disruptive technologies like AI, machine learning, advanced robotics and augmented/virtual reality. Hear from Imperial-X Co-Director Professor Eric Yeatman on Imperial-X’s mission, including technology ‘moonshots’ and supporting innovative startups. The research and innovation agenda of I-X relates to the ‘Transformative technologies’ theme of IPF’s work programme.