Personal Tutors

‌Every MSc student is assigned a member of the academic staff as Personal Tutor at the beginning of the course. The role of the Personal Tutor is primarily to be the first point of contact for any issues or difficulties that may arise throughout the course. He or she will be able to advise students on selection of courses, career matters, writing recommendation letters, and also any matters of a non-academic nature. See the  QFFF Handbook 2020-21 ‌for further points of contact for students.

Prefix First Name Last Name QFFF Advisor Advisor email
Miss Emma Albertini Claudia de Rham 
Mr Bruno Alexandre Joao Magueijo j.magueijo 
Ms Meabh Allen Dan Waldram d.waldram 
Mr Andrés Bañares Hernández Arttu Rajantie a.rajantie 
Mr Ansh Bhatnagar Jonathan Halliwell j.halliwell 
Mr Zakary Buras-Stubbs Joao Magueijo j.magueijo 
Mr Samuel Bysh Amihay Hanany a.hanany 
Mr Yukun  Cao Dan Waldram d.waldram 
Mr Pietro Capuozzo Chris Hull c.hull 
Mr Man Hei Cheng Kelly Stelle k.stelle 
Mr Wanxiang Fan Tim Evans t.evans 
Miss Maria Isabel Franco Garrido Andrew Tolley a.tolley 
Mr Herodotos Herodotou Amihay Hanany a.hanany 
Mr Shivraj Jalan Toby Wiseman t.wiseman 
Mr Yikang Li Amihay Hanany a.hanany 
Mr Samuel Longden Toby Wiseman t.wiseman 
Mr Rushit Mehmeti Arkady Tseytlin a.tseytlin 
Mr Manuel Pace Toby Wiseman t.wiseman 
Mr Emanuele Panella Arttu Rajantie a.rajantie 
Mr Sotiris-John Papadakis Jerome Gauntlett j.gauntlett 
Mr Gabriele Pascuzzi Arkady Tseytlin a.tseytlin 
Mr Phivos Philippides Chris Hull c.hull 
Miss Anastasia Polyviou Toby Wiseman t.wiseman 
Mr Daniel Portal Kelly Stelle k.stelle 
Mr Danny Prosser Jonathan Halliwell j.halliwell 
Mr Aditya Ramani Andrew Tolley a.tolley 
Mr Adam Richardson Claudia de Rham 
Mr Tancredi Schettini Gherardini Arttu Rajantie a.rajantie 
Mr Michael Schick Joao Magueijo j.magueijo 
Miss Qianchen Shen Chris Hull c.hull 
Miss Xiaoyu Sun Arkady Tseytlin a.tseytlin 
Mr Benjamin Suzzoni Arttu Rajantie a.rajantie 
Mr Mantas Svazas Arkady Tseytlin a.tseytlin 
Mr Chukwudubem Umeano Jonathan Halliwell j.halliwell 
Mr Matthew Wallace Kelly Stelle k.stelle 
Mr Hongyi Wan Chris Hull c.hull 
Mr Danton Weil Dan Waldram d.waldram 
Mr Bennet Windt Jerome Gauntlett j.gauntlett 
Mr Wanli Xing Tim Evans t.evans 
Mr Jialun Zhao Andrew Tolley a.tolley 
Ms Zhihan (Linda) Yuan Claudia de Rham 
Mr Dauke Zuchanke Amihay Hanany a.hanany 
Mr Stephen Kenneth Mayo Joao Magueijo j.magueijo 
Mr Constantinos Nicolaides Tim Evans t.evans 
Mr Andre Oliveira Pinheiro Jerome Gauntlett j.gauntlett 
Mr Miguel Rincon Tim Evans t.evans