Prof Amihay Hanany

30 hours

Introduction to supersymmetry. Poincare algebra, Weyl and Majorana spinors. Grassmann
N=1 Supersymmetry algebra. Representations of supersymmetry on one-particle states. Extended supersymmetry.
Representation of supersymmetry on component fields. Chiral multiplet. Wess-Zumino
model. Supersymmetric generalisation of Maxwell action.
Superspace and superfields. Chiral superfields; superspace form of Wess-Zumino action; superpotential. Scalar superfield and supergauge transformations.
Super Yang-Mills action. Gauge-invariant models of interacting chiral and vector multiplets.
Spontaneous supersymmetry breaking.
Advanced topics. Quantum properties of supersymmetric theories. Supergravity. Introduction
to supersymmetric Standard Model.

Problem Sheets:  Problem Sheet set 1 Susy Problem sheet 2  Susy Problem sheet 3

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