Prof Arttu Rajantie

27 hours plus rapid feedback classes (problem classes)

For the most up to date and latest information and a complete set of course material see the Department of Physics web site on the Unification course. It is listed as Unification - The Standard Model, a level 4 course in the Physics department. Note that course material for this course is stored on the Blackboard system, see  Unification - The Standard Model, used here at Imperial and it is not reproduced on this theoretical physics web site.

Course Material

For information on current course, please see Unification - The Standard Model pages on the Imperial College Blackboard system.

The following were for a previous version of the course and do not reflect the current content and approach but are provided for general interest: 2012-15 Course Notes, Problem Sets and Solutions 2015 .


The Information on Unification (1/11/16)‌ document has a list of recommended books.

Test and Exam

There is generally a short test for QFFF MSc students only at the end of the course, usually at the start of January. The marks from the test do not contribute towards the final grade for the course (except in very unusual circumstances where a good performance in the test may be taken into account). The test is to enable QFFF MSc students to assess their understanding and to give staff something positive to write in references for PhD applications. The QFFF MSc course mark is based only on the mark obtained in the final exam in the summer, usually in May. A set of past exams and tests, with answers, is available on the undergraduate web page as the Revision Question Sheet. Look for Unification, a level 4 course in the Physics department. Recent tests and exams are also available here.