This course covers the concepts in thermodynamics and statistical physics relevant to studying equilibrium in materials.

Part 1 (compulsory): Dr Stefano Angioletti-Uberti
16 one-hour lectures and 4 rapid feedback sessions in Term 1

Macroscopic Approach: Thermodynamics

  • Elements of (Bulk/Homogeneous) Thermodynamics
  • External Constraints, Thermodynamic Potentials and Important Relations
  • Free energy and phase behaviour

Microscopic Approach: Statistical Mechanics

  • Introduction to statistical mechanics
  • Statistical mechanics of simple systems

Part 2 (optional advanced): Prof. Mike Finnis
8 hours of classes in Term 2

  • The thermodynamics of planar, line and point defects
  • CALPHAD: CAlculation of PHase Diagrams