Approved Project Proposals for Cohort 10

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Below is the list of projects available to Cohort 10 of the TSM CDT. Projects marked with a (*) are only visible to registered students of Imperial College. Those without a link are available to TSM students only on request.

Project TitleSupervisors
Unravelling the link between cartilage microscopic structure and its exceptional lubrication properties‌ Stefano Angioletti-Uberti & Daniele Dini
Electrochemical nanojunctions: how do they work? Clotilde Cucinotta &  Andrew Horsfield
Warm Dense Matter Matthew Foulkes & Derek Lee
Fundamental Understanding of Material Ageing – Degradation Through Corrosion Nic Harrison & Clotilde Cucinotta
Pressure-induced structural transformations in nanomaterials: understanding the cross-roads between amorphisation and crystallisation Peter Haynes & Carla Molteni
First-principles simulations of oxide nanoparticles under negative pressure for water splitting Peter Haynes & Carla Molteni
Defects in materials with unusually complex microstructure Andrew Horsfield & Mark Wenman
Making it polarizable: multiscale simulation of Ionic Liquids Patricia Hunt & Clotilde Cucinotta
Coarse-grained approach to modelling the electronic properties of macromolecular materials for solar energy conversion applications Kim Jelfs & Jenny Nelson
Multiscale Modelling of Transport in Disordered Materials Peter King & Dimitri Vvedensky
Theory of supercapacitors with low dimensional nanostructured electrode materials (quantum and classical effects) Alexei Kornyshev,  Mike Finnis & Fernando Bresme
Electrochemical plasmonics: (theory of electrotuneable photonic metamaterials – from fundamentals to applications) Alexei Kornyshev & Fernando Bresme
Machine learning excited-state properties in materials Johannes Lischner & Andrew Horsfield
Interplay between symmetry breaking distortions and superconductivity in layered cuprates* Arash Mostofi, Nicholas Bristowe & Mark Senn
Carrier and Structural Dynamics in Halide Perovskites* Eamonn Murray & Nicholas Bristowe
Multiscale Analysis of Soil Failure by Liquefaction Catherine O'Sullivan & Daniele Dini
Elucidating the Effects of X-ray Radiation in Small Molecular Crystals Laura Ratcliff & David Scanlon
Multi-scale modelling of carrier capture and recombination in halide perovskite solar cells Aron Walsh & Piers Barnes
Fast efficient microstructural modelling of hydride reorientation in nuclear fuel cladding Mark Wenman & Daniel Balint

The Research Projects are approved by the TSM CDT Research Board which consisted of the following representatives in 2019:  Arash Mostofi (Physics), Johannes Lischner (Materials), Daniele Dini(Mechanical Engineering),  Fernando Bresme (Chemistry), Vito Tagarielli (Aeronautics), Erich Muller (Chemical Engineering), Catherine O'Sullivan (Civil and Environmental Engineering) and Gunnar Pruessner (Mathematics).