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AB - This paper will present the results from a neutron shielding design and optimization study, performed to reduce the exposure to radiological doses arising from use of a 14 MeV pulsed neutron generator (PNG) having a maximum emission strength of 2.0x108 neutrons/s. The source was intended to be used at Imperial College London, in a new irradiation facility for the realization of an experiment on acoustical cavitation in liquids. This paper describes how such facility was designed and highlights the different results obtained during optimization using analytical methods and Monte Carlo simulations (MCNPX 2.4). The activation of the surrounding materials during operation was estimated using Monte Carlo spectrums as input to the FISPACT 3.0 code. The impact this phenomenon has on the choice of the materials used inside the laboratory and on the waiting time before anyone can safely enter the room will also be discussed here.
AU - Memoli,G
AU - Trusler,JPM
AU - Ziver,AK
EP - 3160
PY - 2008///
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TI - Assessing the radiological risk of experiments with a pulsed neutron source
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