Annually Imperial College hosts various conferences and commercial events across campuses for staff and students. These events are supported by our specialist Conference and Events Team, who provide information and assistance on non-teaching room bookings and catering. 

If you are organising a conference or a commercial events event and already know the room you would like to use, you can access the Web Room Booking System (restricted access) and book a room and catering for your event. 

Please note booking rooms such as ‘Seminar and Learning Centre’ rooms (SALC- level 5, Sherfield Building), through Web Room Bookings System, would not automatically push the event into the staff and students calendars. The event has to be created in Celcat in order to appear in staff and students calendars. You can contact your departmental administrator or CTSO with all event details and request the event and attendees be added to Celcat. 

Managing Kx Rooms

To use Web Room Bookings System for teaching, you should:

By following these steps you will ensure students and staff can view these events when their timetable is published.

Some spaces on campus can be used when ordering catering from the Events & Hospitality departmentMore information can be found on the Rooms and Catering Booking System.

Managing rooms in Kx

Conference & Events manage the Kx system, which contains spaces used for commercial/non-teaching activities.  Where there is an overlap between the two systems in respect of rooms serving multiple purposes, this is managed by a dynamic interface (C-K interface) between the two systems. 

When a room is added to both systems (Celcat & Kx), internal ICT teams ensure that all events (including historic events) are pushed into the new room record, and the C-K interface ensures that any subsequent events are recorded in the room record in both systems.

To request a room to be added to Celcat, email Central Timetabling Support Office (CTSO) stating as much information as you can about the room. The room will be added to Celcat by the CTSO team, including its Unique Identifier (UID) and any other details which are held and managed in Pythagoras. A room UID is created within Pythagoras by the Space Management Team. 

If you require the room to appear in Kx also, please state this when requesting the addition. The CTSO team will then pass the request onto the team managing the Kx and C-K interface to ensure it is added to all relevant systems. 

If you require the room appear in Kx Only Contact the Conference & Events team. 

  • Room Name
  • Room UID - Pythagoras Unique Name
  • Capacity
  • Layout
  • AV specifications
  • Access control information (swipe access, open access – please note that rooms with access codes are not usually added to the Kx system)

After your request is received by the Conference & Events Team, then your request will be forwarded to ICT for the room to be added to the Kx system.