There are a number of Departments that use different systems to manage their spaces room requests.

Before requesting the room, ensure that an event has been created in Celcat as will need to notify the room booker with an event ID.

Departmental booking system do not require the room booker to create an event in Celcat on behalf of the requester.  To find out more visit Celcat Room Bookings.

Departmental bookings


Medicine (FoM)

To book rooms in the Faculty of Medicine Department please see: Faculty of Medicine - Timetabling FEO

Ms School

Business School (MS)

To book rooms in ICBS of the Business School please complete the online booking form at: Business School online form

Departmental bookings

Department of Civil

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

To book rooms in Skempton building please complete this form.


Department of Materials (MM)

To book rooms in Royal School of Mines complete this online booking form.